Below are some examples of my work with a short write up, together with some before and after photographs.

It’s been a busy start to the season, with lots of work making outside spaces ready for the Summer months.

One of my favourite projects has been working on the outside area of a house boat, which comes with a lot of planting challenges, carefully selecting plants that will tolerate the salty conditions right on the coast, and being able to survive the strong winds. Also, using materials that were already on site creatively – up cycling wherever possible. Old boat ropes being twisted into a planter for example.

Roadside area before and after

Inside area before and after

Another interesting project has been rejuvenating the back garden of a beach house to its former glory. Again, selecting plants that are coastal and drought tolerant, so they can survive even if the owners are away for any period of time.

Back to a more inland location, and I’ve been busy creating some new borders and gravelled seating/sunbathing areas, choosing plants with a nice sent to enjoy while sitting in the sunshine, all the while making sure that the bees and other insects enjoy the planting too.

Still lots of things going on, with another houseboat outside area to be re-vamped and a cottage garden brought back to it’s former glory. Watch this space for more photos!

Older projects:

Tidying up a front garden, laying a grey gravel to compliment the white exterior and pale blue front door.

Rockery revived with Summer colour.

Greenhouse project, blending in with the surroundings.

Replanted border.

Putting some love into a neglected play area.

Woodland border, with Camellias.

Decking design for a sunny spot.

Custom made planters, available upon request.

Pots to brighten up paved areas.

More pictures: